Open a million new branches, reach lakhs of new customers.

Join hands with us as we transform the way financial products are distributed in India. Be part of a growing network of major Banks, NBFCs and Fintech companies who have partnered with us.

Banking, Financial Institutions and Fintech Partners.

How you can benefit from our partnership.

Extensive Reach

Every Finequs outlet is an extension of your organisation. Get access to unmatched physical touch points and enhance the reach of your distribution network.

Discover new customer segments

With our presence from large metros to smallest of towns, there are credit worthy segments eager for Financial assistance. Discover a cost effective simple way in addressing financial needs of these segments.

Informed Underwriting decisions for better risk management

Our data mining and analytics capabilities constantly learns, evaluates and throws up invaluable insights on customer behaviour.

Ideas for innovative customised products

With our vast reach and data origination from multiple segments across the country, collaborate with us to provide products that address the needs of these specific segments.

Our partners.

And many more Partner Banks

PaaS (Platform as a Service) Partners.

Our PaaS partners have discovered the power of our technology which has completely transformed the way that they do business. Be it banks, DSAs or other financial distribution networks, the Finequs platform has simplified processes, enhanced workflows and enhanced productivities of their distribution workforce.

We are working on PaaS with partners globally. Please write in to us to know more .To know more about our Flocamo™ platform as a service click here

To enquire about leveraging Flocamo™ as a PaaS
Click here Leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you to discuss.

Fullfilment Partners.

We have a vast network of fulfillment partners who work with us to fulfill customer applications and assist them in their digital journey. With deep and proven experience in customer handling and application facilitation, they form a critical part of our customer experience. We partner with proven agencies and BPOs towards ensuring that our customers get the best of what financial services has to offer them.

To enquire on how to be a Fulfillment Partner with Finequs click here Leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you to discuss.