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Finequs leverages its proprietary cutting-edge technology, intuitive algorithms and sophisticated risk-decisioning workflows to partner with leading banks, other lenders and financial institutions towards making financial products available on every street & corner. With Finequs every credit worthy Indian now has easy access to financial services. Our direct integration with leading banks and our nationwide network of fulfillment partners ensure that your requirement for loans and other financial services can be fulfilled conveniently as never before. Discover the convenience of Finequs!
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Let’s face it. Financial services and access to credit is an existential necessity. Yet 90% of Indians do not have access to loans and other essential financial products from the financial services mainstream. Many people, when in need, do not know where to go, and how to reach out for loans and credit. Choices, at times, are limited to which financial institution approaches them first. And then there are digital journeys which many are apprehensive of, and require assistance with .The challenges of reaching financial services effectively and of ensuring that the customer gets the most suited lender and the best suited financial product is a monumental challenge. Finequs is here to change this! Discover how, by reading About us.
A simple point of access
empowers millions.
We’re expanding financial access to reach practically everyone who needs a loan or any other financial product or service, through their neighbourhood stores & retail points. Finequs brings financial services into every neighbourhood. Find out how

The Finequs business runs on the Flocamo™ platform which has been developed on proprietary cutting-edge technology using intuitive algorithms and integrating sophisticated risk-decisioning workflows. We enable our partners to leverage the platform on a PaaS basis so that they are able to significantly widen their distribution reach and enhance the effectiveness of their workflows. This enables them to enhance their reach and take distribution closer to their potential customers. To know more about our Finequs platform click here
Find out how
Every shop or person
is now a loan enabler!
With its powerful technology and intuitive platform, Finequs enables the smallest of retail outlets to facilitate access to loans and other financial products along with rice & shampoo! There is probably a Finequs empanelled retail outlet right on your street.
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Lakhs of retail outlets and shops across India are a part of the rapidly growing Finequs network. Enjoy higher walk-ins and revenues, by helping your regular customers avail financial products such as personal loans, business loans, housing loans, gold loans, credit cards and much more...

If you are a large distributor with a wide, and more critically, digital reach and connectivity across your retail network, you can bring your entire network into the Finequs business mainstream. All it takes is a digital integration and your network is ready for business. Reach out to us today to understand how simple it is! After all, APIs are our business! Create a whole new business stream for your organisation and your network today!
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