Enabling banks and other financial Institutions to reach millions of people!

Artificial Intelligence meets Native Intelligence.
Our unique phygital model connects India’s vast retail distribution network to our powerful fintech platform , facilitating reach and distribution conveniently to anyone seeking financial services With Simple log-in and minimal information, the retailer helps the customer apply for any financial product that the applicant requires. The platform matches the requirements and displays the best available options to the customer.
For lenders, the Finequs web app expands their reach multifold. Importantly, Finequs effectively leverages data mining and deep learning, with a strategic focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide lending institutions with valuable information to assess customers and take better underwriting risks and decisions.

For retailers, Finequs opens up a new and sustainable revenue opportunity. Through the use of cutting edge technology and ubiquitous distribution presence, we aim to bring the credit invisible into the financial mainstream; open up overlooked segments and make financial inclusion the new normal.

The Finequs Advantage.

For Customers
  • Convenience
  • Comfort of using trusted neighbourhood stores
  • Digitally assisted access to credit
  • Financial Inclusion & Empowerment
For Retail Outlets
  • New revenue streams
  • Greater customer engagement and reach
For Financial Institutions
  • Enhanced reach without additional Capex/Opex outlay
  • Informed decision making
  • Robust Risk Management