Everyone’s Included!
The Finequs Vision.

While the financial services industry has made great progress, there are still great limitations to the way financials services are distributed. This is one of the key reasons that only 10% of our country’s population has access to formal credit.
Access to financial services should be simple… It isn’t…..

People struggle to find the financial assistance they require. Unserved due to the lack of reach. Unserved due to the lack of options, not knowing that when one lender says no, there may be others who would happily lend. Unserved due to small ticket sizes. Unserved because of the inability of systems and processes to match customer profiles with risk appetites and lending models. Many are unable to enter the financial services mainstream because they are not in the distribution mainstream. When in need, they don’t know where to go or how to go about it. Unreached because it is so inconvenient. Unserved mostly because distribution systems are legacy despite processing systems having turned digital.

We are on a mission to simplify and empower the distribution of Financial products.

To make it simple and convenient, so that a service provider is there in every neighbourhood. Simple so that there customer journeys are assisted. Simple so that customers always has a choice. To make it productive, value accretive and remunerative to the distribution channels so that they can reach out and provide solutions.
We believe in true democratisation of credit lies in making access to financial services convenient and easy. Technology is the key to making financial services easily accessible and in technology lies the ability to transform lives.
We are on a mission to bring financial services to every street, every nook and corner and indeed to every potential interaction that takes place through our technology and platform.
Access to Finance. Everywhere.With everyone Included!

Meet Team Finequs.

We are a group of IT professionals , Senior Bankers, Risk Management veterans data scientists and distribution specialists committed to transform the way credit and financial products are distributed in India through the leverage of technology.
Krishnan Vaidyanathan
Krish has over 2 decades of Retail Banking and IT experience across India, China, and the US. Krish was Director, Credit Risk Management-Asia, Deutsche Bank before turning entrepreneur. Krish is a MBA and has worked in varied roles in ANZ Grindlays, ABN Amro, HDFC Bank and Deutsche Bank and has been a part of the core Management teams for multiple new business launches
Krishnan Vaidyanathan
Founder & CEO
Krishnan Vaidyanathan has spent more than 2 decades in Banking, in leadership positions across top MNC and private sector banks.
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